I have read several questions here but none of them helped me; most are from 4-5 years ago.

I developed a word document using the Latin Modern font, which you can find in several places out there and which should have a pretty "open" license (I didn't check though).

Now I want to get a PDF from it. So:

  • I use the built-in PDF feature in Word 2013: word is not able to embed the font inside the PDF, so it gets bitmap-ed resulting in a low quality, big size file which is not really what I'm looking for. I know I could increase DPIs, but the resulting size is really unwanted.

  • I use things like Nitro PDF Reader: same, no embedding.

It's like the otf files I installed are missing some "embeddable" attribute. I noticed they are very old also, but I haven't found some more recent release.

  • From word, I use Print and select some virtual PDF printer, like PDFCreator: the font is embedded (neat when zooming, and very small size), but the file is totally missing bookmarks and hyperlinks, which is something I really need.

How can I workaround this?

I need to embed the font and have internal links in the resulting file (both hyperlinks and bookmarks).

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I faced this problem several times before, I solved it by printing file (Ctrl+p) with virtual PDF printer. and exported another copy with built PDF feature in Office (Save As PDF). then I replaced All pages of exported PDF file with all pages of printed file (in PDF program like Adobe Acrobat). then saved it. Now I have PDF with links and fonts embedded.


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