When altering permissions in Windows 8 users show up as long SID's. Is there a way to see proper usernames in the list of 'Group or user names:'?

I have relied on removing and re-adding users (via the 'Check Name' mechanism) for users represented by an SID in this list in cases which have an unfamiliar relative ID (to which I am only familiar because of this method).

Pleasant words cannot describe just how absurd this is.


I'm in the process of determining this myself, if it is in fact possible, but for now, it appears there's a methodology for encoding/decoding SIDs:

Some C# code:

byte[] sidInBinaryForm = ...;

var sid = new SecurityIdentifier(sidInBinaryForm, 0);
string accountName = sid.Translate(typeof (NTAccount)).Value;

I'm almost 100% sure that this is strictly a decoding routine and not some wrapper on top of a LDAP call, but something to play with nevertheless.

Also see:

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