User running Office 2016, when they right click on an email with a .HTM attachment and select quick print the .htm files are not printing with the email.

This does not occur on any other file type.

I have selected the option File > Print > Print Options > Print attached files.

Printer is a network connected Konica Minolta C284e. I have updated the driver on our print server still no luck


This has to do with the way Outlook handles attachments. Outlook itself does not print them - it send them to your default program with a print command. So word prints DOCX files, excel prints XLSX, etc.

If you open the message and try to quick print just the .htm message you will most likely notice a popup asking you what you want to open it with. If you select a browser it will open - but it won't print. I've tried thru word and my code editor - none of which will produce this behavior. All I can suggest is playing around with different programs like maybe NotePadd++ or some other HTML editor to see what if any will work for you.


After dealing with Microsoft support, they have told me it is a known issue.

There is a patch expect to be released within 50 days. So February 2016.

Just an update in case anyone sees this in between

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