I want to merge two data sets (that each have two columns). Column A is a name, column B is a number in both data sets. Column A of both data sets will have several names that are identical, some will be unique. This is what I am trying to achieve :

Photo of example


Sort column A in alphaberical order. In another column, use the VLOOKUP function to get values for each name to populate on that column.


Here is one way to do this, but will result in putting the Names column in alphabetical order. Cells with no data will be blank.

Part 1: List all names, in each Name column.

  1. Copy all names from Data Set B, and paste them beneath the existing list of names in Data Set A.
  2. Copy all names from Data Set A, and paste them beneath the existing list of names in Data Set B.

Part 2: Remove Duplicate Names

  1. Select all names (now it is a longer list) in Data Set A. In the "Data" tab, select "Data Tools," select "Remove Duplicates".
  2. Repeat for names in Data Set B

Part 3: Sort data in each set alphabetically by name.

Part 4: Reorganize columns

At this point, both Name columns should match up. Simply copy the 2015 column and paste it in desired location adjacent to the 2014 column.

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    Part 3 and 4 can be replaced with the VLOOKUP function or INDEX MATCH (same result) to fill in the 2015 column if you don't want alphabetical order. – Jasmine Nov 24 '15 at 5:36

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