I have a few chrome adds installed and I am able to view them when I go to chrome://extensions. I have a total of 7 active add-ons, in my browser next to the address bar, I am able to see 3.

The four add-ons I do not see are Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Docs offline, and Google Slides.

Why woulnd't these add-ons be appearing next to the address bar? Is there a limit to the amount of add-ons that can be shown in the browser or is there something specific about the behavior of google addons that makes them not show in my browser.


From my research thus far, if an add-on is a browser action - then it will be added to the right of the address bar. It is very possible that these other add-ons are not defined as browser actions

Further reading : https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/browserAction

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