I have a data set in which I need to count the number of matches between any ID numbers in a column and equal ID numbers in a row. I have attached a data set example image and hopefully that will makes things a bit more clear.

Data Set Example

I was looking to get help with a formula that would compute the values in Column A (Row 2 and below). The other columns are the pre-existing input data. Column B is special; columns C, D, E, ..., are all the same kind of data. I want cell An to count the number of matches between Column B and Row n, to the right of Column B. For example, A2 is 1 because B3 (Column B) equals D2 (Row 2), and A4 = 3 because Column B and Row 4 have three matches: B6=C4, B3=D4, and B2=E4.

I have tried a couple of different things like COUNTIF and COUNTIFS, but those don't seem to get at my problem.


Enter this formula in cell A2


as an Array formula - Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter not just Enter after typing the formula.

And drag down column A.

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