I have a Win 10 desktop and a new DS214play Synology NAS. I have been backing up my desktop with Carbonite for years, but now I would like to set up the same functionality on my NAS (since it is set to glacier backup). The key features I am looking for are:

  • No-touch change syncing - like Google Drive/Carbonite/CrashPlan
  • Client folder selection - On the client I want to be able specify existing folders, not limited to set folders like Google drive or Dropbox.
  • Version tracking - I got bit by CryptoLocker a while back, and while it was able to encrypt my entire local backup drive, and all it's changes synced up to Carbonite, I was able to roll back all those changes. The client needs to be able to write backups to the server, but not overwrite backups on the server (so mapping a drive to a drive letter is right out).

Any thoughts on windows clients (or system settings) that would allow me to do this?


Crashplan seems to suit your requirements. If I got them right:

  • Client folder selection: yes. Crashplan lets you select specific folders on your hard drive: example from my machine
  • Automatic change sync: yes. CP monitors the changes in the selected folders and adds new/updated files to the backup.
  • Version tracking: yes. CP has quite a flexible versioning, here's a screenshot

I'm using Crashplan to back up my laptop to WD NAS. What's needed to set it up:

  1. Install CP app per user, not as a service (version >4.3 allows this).
  2. Map a desired destination folder on your NAS to a drive letter so it's visible in Explorer and CP's destination selection dialog.

Another possible alternative: Genie Timeline. I used it for a couple of years, it has all the aforementioned features, but not as flexible (and not free).

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