On Arch Linux with Gnome 3.18, I have the problem of terminals behaving strangely when I resize a terminal window and enter some commands, such as ls or mpv, for example, and resize again by dragging the window border with the mouse cursor.

When I press to go back in history, and the line is long , no new line (or line break) is created, but the same line overwritten from left to right. When I hold on the keyboard, the prompt moves to top and 'eats' the terminal output above. I have tried an could see similar behaviour in gnome-terminal, lxterminal and xterm, all started from a gnome session.

Here's a screencast demonstrating this strange behaviour: https://vimeo.com/147162618

What could this be and where could I search the reason for this behaviour?


Usually this is due to a quirk in the way bash handles window-resizing events: it can capture SIGWINCH so that it knows how to update its notion of the screen width for editing command-lines.

The place to look is at the checkwinsize option:


If set, Bash checks the window size after each command and, if necessary, updates the values of LINES and COLUMNS.

The whole feature has had problems:

but generally the advice given is to set the option if it is not already set:

shopt -s checkwinsize

Further reading:

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