Is there a way to display the shortcuts in Thunar (or other Xfce stuff), if any? I know that the shortcuts can be specified in file accels.scm. All of them are set to default and commented out so anyone can change them. However that's not the point.

For example, renaming files. The shortcut is F2. But it is not showing it in the right-click menu. There is just the text "Rename...".

In menu bar, regardless of Thunar or any random application I have checked, each menu has the shortcuts shown right next to the respective actions.

Can I make Thunar to behave like that in a right-click menu?

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    Not possible in my experience, but there is a workaround for Thunar. My answer is "yes and no" as below.
    – user109256
    Dec 21, 2015 at 19:20

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I have a mixed answer: Yes and no.

Yes, albeit a workaround, when creating a custom action in Thunar. No, because this workaround works for additional right-click menu in Thunar but not for existing entries of menu.

Possible workaround

In Thunar file manager, click on Edit > Configure Custom Actions... then a small window will appear as shown below. For example, I have created a custom menu called "Toggle menu bar".

Thunar's Custom Actions window

Notice that the shortcut text "(Ctrl+M)" is added to the name of custom menu. This can be done in Edit Action (the pencil icon) > Basic tab and edit text field Name.

Edit Action dialog

This will result the right-click menu in Thunar to look like below.

Thunar right-click menu with custom action

Useful for once, but useless in general

The workaround above is useful to show/hide menu bar. Because once user hides the menu bar in Thunar, there is no clue to restore from the default right-click menu or toolbar. Unless, the user remembers to press Ctrl+M keys to restore or press F10 key to show menu bar temporarily.

On the other hand, showing the shortcut for the action in right-click menu is mostly useless. This is not just Thunar, but applies to almost any application in general. In fact, I have never seen any application in Linux or Windows that behaves so.

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