On Mac I often have files that are unknown to OS X. Opening the file results in a popup asking me to choose a file or search the Mac App Store.

I know that for files I can set the default program to open all files with that specific extension. What I am aiming at now is to set a default program on my Mac to open all files that cannot be automatically opened by another program. (Because 99% of the time I want to open those files in TextWrangler.)

So in short: I don't want to set a default program for files of a specific extension, but for all unknown files.


you can still point a particular doc at TextWrangler, and it should be able to 'change all'...

I have the same scenario often - shell scripts or various text files that need to be modified - - - right-click on the first (or Command+I) and set to textwrangler....

  • This is not exactly what I want. This only changes the default program for a specific extension, which I then would have to do many times. – JeroenJK Nov 29 '15 at 10:06

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