Is there a way to make Chrome able to play .mid files directly in the browser? For example, on a Wikipedia page with MIDI files there are many audio files in the right that are downloaded when clicking on them. The "help" page that is linked near the files is confusing and seems to only give the solution for .ogg files, for which Chrome has built-in support.

Is there any way to play these .mid files in browser just like .ogg files?




extensions exist by now, exactly for this purpose! :)

  • I would like something like this, but which plays it to my MIDI device. – ClioCJS Jun 6 '17 at 16:08

If you do not want to use a plugin you can try out using a local player for the OS you are using. If you are on Windows you could set up file association for Midi files to, for instance Windows Media Player, and select 'Always Open Files of this type' (or similar worded choice in Chrome) for files like this sample URL (available in Windows 10 I believe); file:///C:/windows/media/flourish.mid This way the Windows Media Player will play the Midi file for you.

To associate .mid files to for instance Windows Media Player you can either do this through Settings-Apps-Defaults-by File Type or through Shift-Right click on a .mid file and choose Open With default actions.


Well, if you don't want an external program (I usually use Noteworthycomposer or its viewer, NWCviewer, which is free), then the best solution is to use an extension for this. I recommend Jazz-plugin, which you'll find here:

First install the Chrome extension:


Then install the global plug-in (required since Chrome refused NPAPI data):


But you may prefer Midi Player:


In both cases you will then be able to listen to midi files directly (and some other formats too).

This said, good sites include a midiplayer.



I'm afraid not. The page must be coded differently.

When designing a web page, you can embed a javascript player so the midi file can be played by pushing the "play" button icon, but wikipedia and most sites just provide a link to the file. This link gives greater detail on how to incorporate a player into a webpage, and also some descriptions of how various browsers have handled midi files over the years.

http://abcnotation.com/blog/2013/04/10/the-problem-with-midi/enter link description here

From my research, none of the current browsers play midi file links automatically without installing extensions/plugins/addons/...

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To answer it simply, NO because .mid or MIDI file contains the steps and patterns of a musical instrument being played and not the sounds of the instrument when that pattern is being played.

@rsp explains it well on StackOverflow in this Post.

Coming to Your Question

Any way to play these .mid files in browser just like .ogg ?

There are a number of chrome extensions and Online MIDI player sites. Doing a Google Search will give you enough.

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    idk my browser was playing midi files natively in the 90s. – Startec Nov 17 '18 at 2:24

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