I have generated an OS using the Yocto Project, with Linux kernel version 3.14. I have tried several methods to boot this OS from VMware Fusion, all with seemingly-identical results, where the process hangs after Switched to clocksource refined-jiffies. I have removed the VM's USB controller. Here's the relevant part of the message log that I see:

Waiting for root device /dev/hda2...
Clocksource tsc unstable (delta = 863336102 ns)
Switched to clocksource refined-jiffies

How can it be fixed?


As it turns out, I was so focused on the two lines about clocksources that I missed the crucial line: Waiting for root device /dev/hda2...; my hard drive was not being recognized because my OS image was configured to use IDE. Within VMware Fusion I had missed that my HD bus type was configured to SCSI. I was able to fix this by navigating to VM settings->Startup Disk->Advanced options->Bus type, and set to IDE.

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