Is it possible to set up a DMZ for my home server on a "Sky Hub" router? I'm trying to secure my home server so that I can safely use it for FTP, minecraft, plex etc. outside of my home network.

I can't seem to find the option anywhere!

  • What's the exact model of the router? – DavidPostill Nov 30 '15 at 23:36

Is it possible to set up a DMZ for my home server on a "Sky Hub" router?

You can do this on the WAN Setup page.

For the SR101 and SR102:

enter image description here

Source WAN Setup for the BSkyB SR101Router Sceenshot

  • Thank you. I'm surprised that only one DMZ server is allowed! – BenAdamson Dec 1 '15 at 0:00
  • @BenAdamson I'm not. It's a Sky branded box with custom firmware more than likely ;) I suppose you could put your own router behind the Sky box and put that in the DMZ. Then do what you need to on the second router ... – DavidPostill Dec 1 '15 at 0:01
  • So is this the preferred method to use if you need to use the Sky SR102 to connect to Sky's fibre (due to their propriety connection protocol) but you still want to use a third party router for your main DHCP and WiFi functionality? – Dib Aug 24 '17 at 5:00

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