I am doing some testing on a computer running Mac OSX Yosemite.
How can I open a terminal? - note the command key doesn't work either. Ive googled, but no luck.

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If you open a finder window and go to the Applications folder and into the Utilities subfolder, you should find terminal there. Double click and Terminal should start.

Another option is to use spotlight search by either clicking the search (magnifying glass) icon in the top right corner of the mac's top bar or use the default CMD+Space to bring it (spotlight search). Then start typing "Terminal" and you should get it as a suggestion.

  • Alright - got there! Thanks for your your prompt response - really saved me alot of unecessary frustration! Commented Dec 1, 2015 at 5:47

There is a System shortcut available [but I don't think activated by default] in System Prefs > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services to open a New Terminal [or tab] at the current folder.

enter image description here

You can set this to work just in the right click menu, under Services, or add a hot key.

enter image description here

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