I'm currently creating a playlist for a school play on Windows Media Player 12. It can at least consist of 200 short-length songs (1 minute at the least). I just want to create a predetermined list of songs, nothing fancy, thus I simply want to do this on Windows Media Player rather than on another overly-complicated music players.

The songs are already on the list (on the Play Tab), I'm just dragging songs up and down to arrange, and playing it at the same time to hear its effect. There are times that I need to search a particular song on the list but there is no search feature for the Now Playing list. I also tried to save that playlist and search on it using the Search field, but it either search directly on the library (rather than the Now Playing list) or show the message:

You are currently playing this list. You can edit it using the Play tab.

If I remember correctly, there is a search feature for it on the previous versions since there is an entry for Now Playing on the left library tree. Is searching directly on Now Playing playlist possible or should I do it the long way?


Unfortunately, there's no direct way to search the contents of the Play tab. To make the You are currently playing this list message go away, simply start playing another playlist or a random song from your library. You can then select your playlist in the tree on the left, so that it appears in the Library pane, and use the Search field near the top.

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