I have recently started encountering a problem with my Office 2016 installation on Windows 10 where any attempt to open Word or Excel documents in Protected View cause the application to hang indefinitely before the document is opened.

This happens with documents which I have received by e-mail or downloaded from the Internet.

I can copy these files to a folder and 'Unblock' them by editing the properties, or (as many, many other websites suggest) I could disable Protected View altogether.

However - Protected View is obviously there for a reason, so I'd rather resolve the problem than simply turn off the protection!


In my case it was due to using a docking station (Targus ACP71EU) where the driver from DisplayLink was the culprit.

Temporary work-around to fix the issue: In any Office application go to File > Options > Advanced > Display and check "Disable hardware graphics acceleration".

According to DisplayLink's support forum and my experience the problem should was solved in version 7.9M4 of the software.

  • I uninstalled DisplayLink and stopped having problems with Protected View. DIsplayLink has a new driver available now that should work, but I haven't tried it because I don't use it anymore. – browly Jul 22 '16 at 20:46

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