On my mac computer at work behind a corporate firewall, I ssh into my home dd-wrt router over the internet, creating a reverse tunnel:

ssh -R 1079:localhost:22 myhomepc.ddns.net

So now, when I'm home, I ssh into my home dd-wrt router, and I can log into my mac at work from the bash prompt on the dd-wrt router

ssh localhost -p 1079

That works. HOWEVER, what I really need is to log into my mac from another computer on my LAN, so I tried:

ssh -p 1079

But this does not work. The question is: How do I expose port 1079 on my dd-wrt router ( so that other computers on my LAN can hit port 1079?

(FYI, here is the output from using telnet to try to hit the port from ubuntu)

root@ubuntu:~# telnet 1079
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

One way to do this is to set up a local port forward, by sshing into the router and reforwarding port 1079 to something else on localhost. example:

set up forward:

ssh -L 22022:localhost:1079

use forwarded port:

ssh -p 22022

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