I have the following text:

... uses broadcasts to send messages ...

The broadcasts bit needs to be a cross-reference to the heading titled broadcastService.

If I add the reference using References \ Cross-Reference, the reference works but the text is changed to broadcastService.

How can I make sure the original text (broadcasts) is kept?

The code of the reference is { REF _Ref436984305 \h } (after doing Alt-F9).


I don't think you can do it with cross reference.

Do it with hyperlink instead:

  • right click on the word
  • select Hyperlink
  • on the left select "Place in this document"
  • Select the heading you want to refer to
  • click OK


Cross reference and hyperlink look different, cross-reference is stored as a field, while hyperlink isn't.

Playing around a bit they behave similarly when document is edited and location of referred heading is changing they both follow it well.
The only difference I found is that if you move heading by cut and paste to other location, cross-reference is still correct, while hyperlink still refers to the original position, but I don't think this would happen often.

  • That works well, thanks! Is there a downside to using hyperlink instead of cross-reference? Perhaps the latter has more functionality that the former lacks? – Spikee Dec 4 '15 at 9:09
  • Losing the link on cut / paste is an issue, but not being able to use fluid text that makes sense in the sentence, is a far bigger one. The former issue does occur often while your document is at draft stage, in my experience, but it's survivable. Thanks for the update! – Spikee Dec 4 '15 at 10:07

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