Problem: New install of Windows 10 on Dell Latitude E6410 boots to a blank screen with only a mouse cursor. Pressing key combo's like fn-f8 will revel a side panel saying that you cannot switch to another screen as some driver failed to start. Thus the display is somewhat responsive.

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The solution for me was Shift+F10 after boot to the blank screen with only a cursor. I actually pressed Shift+F10 and then Shift+Ctrl+F10 but research has shown that likely it was the Shift+F10 key combo that moved me froward in the install. I have one more of these laptop to upgrade but that wont happen for a few weeks. I'll report back after upgrading the next one.

Other resources I used while researching this issue: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-windows_install/windows-10-upgrade-on-my-dell-latitude-e6410-does/6ef4fc65-3086-4260-a3e5-2f18e1f3f4c2?auth=1



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