When I type in a url and hit enter, for example abc.com, I don't expect to end up somewhere else. I expect an error page if there isn't a site with that url. But instead I get redirected to another url (another domain even: abc.go.com).

I'm no expert on web technology, but as far I can tell there are two main categories of redirect, DNS/registrar redirects (invisible) and server side redirects (visible, http code 301 or 302).

How do I prevent these server side redirects in chrome? Best case scenario I get a prompt page telling me the page has a different url or IP, asking if I want to continue.

Another example is hackoverflow.com I get redirected to two sites from here, after the first redirect I can glimpse a designed homepage before being moved on to a parking site. I'd like to stop halfway this double redirect and examine the second site.

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