I'm trying to create a batch file that searches certain folders on our server for JPGs and creates a txt file with them. It works fine BUT for some reason it always adds a folder to the end of the list that I never asked it to search.

My batch looks like this:

chcp 1252
dir "\\kahlaf1\bilddateien\4_digitalbildkatalog" *.jpg /O:EG /S /B > "\\kahlaf1\Bilddateien\Batchdatei\Bilder.txt"
dir "\\kahlaf1\bilddateien\12_dekoranlagen" *.jpg /O:EG /S /B >> "\\kahlaf1\Bilddateien\Batchdatei\Bilder.txt"
dir "\\kahlaf1\Fotos OXAION" *.jpg /O:EG /S /B >> "\\kahlaf1\Bilddateien\Batchdatei\Bilder.txt"

Three specific folders as you can see. The .txt however adds a whole bunch of C:\Windows\ folders at the end for no apparent reason:


And so forth.

Doesn't matter if I run the .bat from my local computer or a server folder either.


You've got the quotes wrong. This

dir "\kahlaf1\bilddateien\4_digitalbildkatalog" *.jpg /O:EG /S /B

lists both "\kahlaf1\bilddateien\4_digitalbildkatalog\*.*" and .\*.jpg. Try instead

dir "\kahlaf1\bilddateien\4_digitalbildkatalog\*.jpg" /O:EG /S /B`
  • Thanks a lot! That solved the problem. Shoulda have figured that one out myself. – NVNM Dec 7 '15 at 8:36

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