I converted a VMDK to an ovf image using ovftool. The VMDK had a SCSI disk. Now post conversion Virtual Box isn't able to import it - it gets the error

Could not find a storage controller named 'SCSI Controller'.

This page has a solution - https://ctors.net/2014/07/17/vmware_to_virtualbox

  • Boot the VM
  • Uninstall vmware tools
  • Shutdown
  • Edit VM settings -> remove the HD
  • Edit the_machine.vmdk
  • change ddb.adapterType from "buslogic" or "lsilogic" to "ide"
  • Edit VM settings -> add an HD, type IDE from existing file the_machine.vmdk
  • Boot the VM
  • Shutdown

However, how do I do the edit the vmdk file - it's a binary file, right? And it's a multigb file.

Anyone know a better way to fix this?


Is your virtual hard disk partitioned into split virtual disks, as I have had configured my virtual machines? If your answer to the question is "yes", you're in luck. Actually, the .vmdk file is a text file chock-full of configuration settings for the virtual hard disk.

Just open <your VM name>.vmdk file in the VM's folder (make sure it is small in size, has an extension named .vmdk and the file type is Virtual Machine Disk Format) in any proper text editor (i.e. any third-party text editor not named Notepad) and look for these lines below:

# The Disk Data Base 

Usually the ddb.adapterType setting is the first line below the two lines described above. Change the right side value to "ide", save the file and you're set to proceed to further steps.

Example: ddb.adapterType = "lsilogic" to ddb.adapterType = "ide"

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