My notebook will keep the fan and the power button light on even after shuting it down from windows, any real fix to this? No matter how much time I give it, it will always stay on and drain the battery, the only way to shut it down is by holding the power button for a few secs but that will probably damage the computer soon.

I tried a lot of things and nothing worked, I tried:

  • Holding control while pressing shut down.
  • Downgrading intel drivers.
  • Uninstalling everything intel related.
  • Re-installing w10.
  • Getting all the updates.
  • Disabled fast boot options.
  • Changed energy settings.
  • Changing what the power button do.
  • Restarting default bios settings.

Nothing worked so far, any ideas?


Is the BIOS in UEFI/BIOS and does it have Secure Boot enabled? Also is this an HP device? There seem to be a lot of posts specifically about HP devices. If so this reddit thread might have the answer.

I will update this answer once more information is added as I can't currently comment.

  • the computer is a msi cx61 i3 with 4gbs of ram, the bios it is on uefi mode and has intel speedstep enabled – AlexTCGPro Dec 10 '15 at 10:32

In your control panel, go to the power applet, choose what the power buttons do, change settings that are currently unavailable, and uncheck fast startup.

  • As I said, I already did that and it didn't work – AlexTCGPro Dec 10 '15 at 10:19

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