If I use the Ctrl+ and Ctrl- key combinations I can lower my font size down to 8pt, even though if I edit my user preferences I can set this to whatever I like. Problem is once I do that, any use of the above key combinations resets the font to at least 8pt.

Is there are way to override this behaviour/lower the minimum font size?

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According to this link, you will need to edit a core file in Sublime Text. I tried it and had to tweak the procedure to make it work with ST3.

I found the easiest way is to use PackageResourceViewer to open up the Default package in Sublime Text and edit the font.py file:

  1. In Sublime, press Ctrl+Shift+P to bring up the Command Palette and select PackageResourceViewer > Open Resource, select Default, then font.py.
  2. In the opened file, edit lines 34 and 35 and set your own custom minimum:

    if current < 8:
        current = 8
  3. Save the file.

  4. If it doesn't work straight away, restart Sublime.

This will not actually edit any core files, but a new Packages/Default/font.py file in your user data folder will shadow the one from core Sublime, making this a pretty non-invasive procedure.

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