I have enabled reaction on thumb button of my MX Master under Debian 8 with xbindkeys.
My configuration is:

# the Alt+Left is receive as distinct event.
    m:0xc + c:23
    Control+Alt + Alt_L 

You can follow this on this very good explanation.

My problem now is that this event is recognized and fired but only once or only sometimes.
To investigate fopr errors I tried to start in verbose mode:

xbindkeys -n -v                                                                           Fr 11. Dez 01:59:09 CET 2015
displayName = :0
rc file = /home/xxx/.xbindkeysrc
rc guile file = /home/xxx/.xbindkeysrc.scm
getting rc guile file /home/xxx/.xbindkeysrc.scm.
WARNING : /home/xxx/.xbindkeysrc.scm not found or reading not allowed.
1 keys in /home/xxx/.xbindkeysrc

min_keycode=8     max_keycode=255 (ie: know keycodes)
    m:0xc + c:23
    Control+Alt + Tab
starting loop...
Key press !
    m:0xc + c:23
    Control+Alt + Tab
got screen 0 for window 9e
Start program with fork+exec call
Key release !

As you can see it seems to be valid. .scm warning can be ignored, if added it will behave the same.
I tried to monitor all logs but without success, there is nothing happening.
Could anyone help me?


ok got it working.
In Gnome there is Ctrl+Alt+Tab combination which interrupts the event from xbindkeys. I changed it to Ctrl+Super+Tab so xbindkeys works now.
I will leave this question and answer so maybe it will help someone.

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