I tried to use wine for ubuntu 9.04 in my ubuntu 9.10. But when I tried to use portable keypass(password manager), it does not work. Is there a wine for ubuntu 9.10? Can I use it to install windows-based programs/apps on ubuntu?

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By "portable keypass" you mean keepassx, then it's a standard package in the ubuntu repo.

sudo apt-get install keepassx

Yes wine does support 9.10, you can find out more at winehq.org

You should check which repositories you have enabled in the package manager.

There are two versions of Wine in the official repos for this release of Ubuntu: version 1.0.1-0ubuntu8, based on the stable release, in the universe repository as the package simply called wine and version 1.1.31-0ubuntu3, based on a later beta, in the multiverse repository as the package wine1.2.

So if you have the Universe repository enabled you should find Wine in the standard package managers, or can more manually install it with sudo aptitude install wine from a shell command line. Remove any version you have already installed first from other sources though, to avoid confusion.

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