update: The 2x2 snapping is called "Corner Snap". There are two features that make Corner Snap more useful:

Figuring out how to use these features made me reconsider the desire to disable Corner Snap, so other users might find this useful, too.

WIN-UP and WIN-DOWN are two keyboard shortcuts I use very frequently. However, I wish they behaved like they did before Microsoft introduced 2x2 Snap in Windows 10. I switch between maximized, minimized, and half-screen quite often. However, I almost never use the intermediate 2x2 snapping states. (Here's more info about Windows Snap.)

Is there a way to disable the intermediate 2x2 snapping states? I would like to keep the other snapping behavior. Ideally, the 2x2 snapping would only be activated with a modifier key like SHIFT-WIN-UP.

This registry key might be related, but I could not find any documentation for it:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\SnapSizing

  • The minimize shortcut I use to get around this problem is alt+space (release keys) then press "M". You can do this fairly quickly, and doesn't introduce those problems – Blaine Jun 27 '16 at 3:02

Consider AutoHotKey as an option.

Just create a .ahk script and put it in the autostart. Something like this should work:

#Up::WinMaximize, A 

# is win modifier, Up is name of a key to hook, and stuff after :: runs on keypress. WinMaximize is a function. A is a parameter which stands for active window.

You can do a lot of easy productivity hacks with AutoHotKey, and it is free and open source.

A quick Google search pointed me to this AutoHotKey Script. To make Win+Down restore maximized windows and minimize normal windows you need to add this:

    WinGet MX, MinMax, A
    If MX
        WinRestore A
    Else WinMaximize A

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