I know from right clicking on Internet Explorer that somehow it's possible to pin particular URLs. Also, I can take frequently accessed urls and pin those, but how can I add a new URL to the jumplist?

IE Jumplist


According to IE 9 taskbar icon and Pinned items:

There is a way to achieve the old behavior:

  1. Press and hold down the SHIFT key
  2. Drag the favicon over the IE taskbar icon
  3. Release the SHIFT key while still holding down the mouse
  4. You will see the tooltip becomes to "Pin to Internet Explorer"
  5. Then drop to pin

Alternatively, you can drag & drop any .url file to the IE icon to pin it.

  1. Drag & drop a favicon from IE9 to the desktop to get a .website file.
  2. Then you can press SHIFT to drag & drop to get the .url file.
  3. Press SHIFT after drag does not work
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