Every time I try to open one website I get redirected to the website but with local domain (domain of the country I am in).

The website in the local domain is written in the local language. That’s why I want to open it in .com, but every time I get redirected.

  1. So why is this happening? Is it cause of DNS?

  2. Does this depends on the ISP that I am using? Maybe with other ISP is different?

  3. What are the options that I can use to open the site in .com?

  • Such types of localized redirection are typically managed on the web server itself and has little to do with DNS. Somehow they are detecting either your language, your geo-location or some combination of the above and directing you to a site they feel is appropriate. Without knowing the specific website, hard to say what to do. But many websites offer and option to set another localized version manually. Such as “Go to the English” site or something like that. But again, without knowing the specifics of what site is being discussed there is little anyone her can do to help deal with this. Dec 15, 2015 at 1:10
  • @JakeGould tnx... no on the website there is no option such "Change language" or so... for every domain they made a website in the language of that country.... I don't know which tecnology is being used, but ok... I managed it with proxy...
    – lucidBug
    Dec 16, 2015 at 0:03

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Unfortunately, how it is done is site-specific. However, there are a few basic ways a website might try to detect your country and language:

  • The HTTP Accept-Language header, as sent by your browser. This is the preferred method, and specifies the language and region you prefer (e.g. en-AU is different from en-GB and en-US). Most browsers let you change the languages you want in the settings. The W3C has published an article with instructions on changing this for some popular browsers.

  • Your IP address geo-location. This is still used by some sites, but is generally considered a bad idea. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do apart from using a proxy or VPN to another country. You should contact the website operator and ask them to give you the option to choose.

  • DNS can also be used to point users to a specific server (by IP), but I have not seen this done for domain/region redirection. Anycast routing can achieve a similar effect. Again, you're stuck with a proxy/VPN, or asking the website operator to make changes.

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