I have a Sony VAIO SVF15N17SNS or in other markets its known as SVF15N17CXB model that came with Windows 8 Single Language Pre -Installed.I upgraded it to Windows 8.1 Single language from Windows Store and there was no need to activate windows it took the windows 8 product key automatically.

Things were fine for long but few days back I noticed that my C: (OS) partition is growing daily with no obvious reasons. I tried to Rest/Refresh the Windows from PC Settings but it failed saying some files are missing and I need a installation media that I didn't have.

I followed one of the articles on web saying if everything fails then download Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaliation ISO and restore the recovery of Windows. I did that and was able to Refresh my PC.

Now after refresh its no more Windows 8 but Windows 8.1 Enterprise that needs activation. I do not have any recovery disk or product key of Windows 8.

Kindly help me to go back to my original OS Windows 8.

  • Did you create the Recovery Disks that you were advised to when you first bought the PC? – DavidPostill Dec 15 '15 at 13:33
  • Well thats the sadest part. I did not. I'll answer my question below. – V.B Dec 16 '15 at 9:40

Ok so this is how I resolved it. I downloaded the Windows 8.1 recovery using Media Creation Tool. It downloads some files and you need to find "install.esd" under sources folder and convert it to "install.wim" using conversion tools like NtLite,Winreducer etc. I followed this Article to mount the converted "install.wim" and then copy "winRE.wim" from mountedimage\windows\system32\recovery to my my system's C:\Windows\System32\Recovery folder to restore the Reset/Refresh mechanism of Windows and then copied "install.wim" on C:\ and pointed the Windows to this location to look for any files required for Reset/Refresh (as explained in the article)

After this I was able to refresh my system back to Windows 8.1 Single language.:)

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