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I was wondering if it was possible to add the option to create new documents without extension from the context menu.

This would enable me to create and structure my applications faster and more directly than every other alternative, such as:

  • Have "hide knows file extensions..." permanently disabled; create new .txt file; change extension; accept Windows "changing an extension..." warning.
  • Open text editor; write specific file; save as; navigate to directory, change extension, save.
  • Add a specific registry context menu entry for every type of file.

Instead, I could just do:

  • New blank file, add extension, repeat.

If it's of any importance, I'm coming from working mostly through Filezilla and its context menu works like that.

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Just follow the link and description you have provided and use .. instead of .txt.

I have

    (Default)    REG_SZ  NoExtensionFile
        NullFile REG_SZ [empty]
    (Default)      REG_SZ  File without extension
    Content Type   REG_SZ  text/plain
    PerceivedType  REG_SZ  text


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