I am using Firefox, but it could apply to all desktop-based browser (similar but different I think to this one).

I am having issues logging to a specific website. All things being equals, only by enabling all first party cookies am I able to successfully accessing my account on the website. Usually, I block all cookies by default and manually white-list websites that I trust and it works well.

But, for this website specifically, adding the domain name to my white list is not enough; surely there are more than one domain name involved (it is my Microsoft account, if it helps).

Is there some way to know all the cookies used by a website (not only the ones with a name directly associated) in order to white list them all?


How about:

  1. Close all browser sessions.
  2. Temporarily allow all cookies.
  3. Login to the desired site.
  4. Look at all the cookies that were created and whitelist those.
  5. Disable all cookies again.

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