I have noticed strange behavior since yesterday, which is that on my Mac, the active window is constantly trying to scroll slowly to the right. I have:

  • disconnected my mouse (still happens)
  • disconnected my keyboard (still happens)
  • restarted the computer (still happens)

If a window is active and I move the mouse cursor away from that window (but I can still type in it) the scrolling stops.

What might be going on here?


I managed to solve the problem:

Disconnected all mice (I had a Logitech and Anker connected) and restarted the computer. After restarting, I plugged in one at a time and the issue didn't come back.


If you're using a mouse try to disable the trackpad. This work for me.

  • This doesn't really fix the issue - it maims the computer to hide it. You should've posted this as a comment, not an answer. Unfortunately you don't have enough reputation yet, but you can gain some by posting useful answers. – gronostaj Feb 2 at 10:51

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