If Chrome is already open, it opens new sites (e.g. from Windows shortcuts, application shortcuts, or from the Run dialog) in new tabs of the existing instance.

I'd prefer to open new sites in a separate window (a new instance of Chrome).

I don't see that in the options - is it possible?


To open in new window add switch --new-window

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I believe the previous answer holds true still, although there are solutions for your problem today.

One solution: Hold down shift when clicking links (also works with shift+enter). https://support.google.com/chromebook/answer/183101?hl=en. This can be made default using AutoHotkey.

Another solution: You can use the extension Tab to Window/Popup, and create a keyboard shortcut to move the current tab to a new window.

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This is still possible:

  1. Navigate to the webpage
  2. Click menu (three dots) > More Tools > Create shortcut..
  3. Check "Open as window" and press "Create" Button
  4. This should open the webpage in a New Window (if it doesn't go to step 8)
  5. For taskbar Pinning: Right click icon showing on taskbar and select pin to taskbar
  6. For Start Menu Pinning: Right click icon showing on the taskbar, and from the popup right click on the icon of the app and select Pin to Start.
  7. Close Window and see if the icon remains where you pinned it.
  8. If the icon is not there or the icon reverts to the generic chrome icon, first make sure the apps is closed and unpinned and
    • Navigate to chrome://apps/
    • Launch app by clicking on it
    • Repeat steps 5 through 8

Check this Google support thread.


Short answer: No, it's not possible.

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