How would I remove the beeping loud annoying sound when entering developer mode in Chrome OS? Is there a terminal command to remove this?

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Neutering the “developer mode” screen on your Chromebook

Having to press CTRL + D at every boot, or wait 30 seconds and endure a loud, audible beep is not my idea of slick fun. Happily, it is possible to all but disable this screen, by rewriting the BIOS with the correct “flags”. This leaves the screen enabled, but it only displays for 2 seconds, and there is no beep. Unhappily, you have to physically open the Chromebook up and disable the inbuilt BIOS write protect to take advantage of this.

The procedure is a follows:

  • Open Chromebook and enable/disable write protect jumper
  • Read existing BIOS using flashrom
  • Write new BIOS file with correct flags using gbb_utility
  • Write new BIOS file to BIOS using flashrom
  • This is rather a long process but i will check on it ! Dec 16, 2015 at 20:08

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