In a Linux command line is it possible to - without prompting - recursively remove files (like with rm -r [path]), but preserve directories under [path]?

EDIT: For the interested, I've used Paul's answer below to build this handy script for use in my Makefiles (replace $(DIRS) with the paths to be cleaned - e.g. bin and build directories):

    @if [ $$(find bin -type f | wc -l) -gt 0 ]; \
    then { \
        echo "The following will be deleted:"; \
        echo "------------------------------"; \
        find $(DIRS) -type f; \
        echo "------------------------------"; \
        read -p "Continue (y/n)? " -n 1 -r CONTINUE; \
        echo; \
    }; \
    else echo "No files to delete."; \
    fi; \
    if [[ $$CONTINUE =~ ^[Yy]$$ ]]; \
    then find $(DIRS) -type f -delete; \

Yes, you can use find:

find [path] -type f -delete

Run it without delete first to make sure it is targetting the right files. type f means only look for files, not directories.


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