Pressing "Ctrl+F" would forward the message. Then, is there a keyboard shortcut for finding text in an email? (Think Adobe PDF Ctrl+F or Word Ctrl+F)


EDIT: To search within an e-mail, ALT+HFD will bring up the Find dialog without having to add it to the Quick Access Toolbar.

Back when I thought you were asking about searching through e-mail items in Outlook:

From your Inbox just hit Ctrl+E. This will focus the Instant Search box for searching the contents of e-mail. Alternately, Ctrl+Alt+A will focus the search box for Search All Mail Items.

Instant Search

  • ALT+HFD or ALT+6 :-) – Kelbizzle Jan 28 '10 at 2:22

The F4 key will also bring up the Find and Replace dialog for searching in a message.


While you have a message open. In the upper right hand is a "Find" button. Right click it and add to quick access toolbar. Then press ALT+6 or whatever number outlook has assigned to the button.

  • Your answer is very succinct, and works great. Thanks! – sivabudh Jan 28 '10 at 2:20

The F4 key is the one you want.

It will find a particular word (or part of a word) within the text/body of an e-mail.

Every time you hit the Enter key after that, it will find the next word or part.


There doesn't appear to be by default.

If you hover over the Find option the tooltip just reads:


Find text in the document

If you hover over the Replace option you get:

Replace (Ctrl+H)

Replace text in the document

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