I have a requirement that enable autosleep in batch file. The reason is i want to autosleep my computer after getting off work, but disable autosleep when i'm on duty

  • I know how to auto wake up my computer by using RTC in BIOS
  • I know how to run a batch at certain time by using scheduler

The only thing I don't know is how to enable or disable autosleep by batch.


What I want is to set autosleep time

Use powercfg.


Set timeout to 5 minutes:

powercfg -x standby-timeout-ac 5

Set timeout to never:

powercfg -x standby-timeout-ac 0


powercfg [Options]


-change setting value
-x setting value

Modify one of the following settings in the current power scheme:
          -monitor-timeout-ac minutes
          -monitor-timeout-dc minutes
          -disk-timeout-ac minutes
          -disk-timeout-dc minutes
          -standby-timeout-ac minutes
          -standby-timeout-dc minutes
          -hibernate-timeout-ac minutes
          -hibernate-timeout-dc minutes

Setting any value to 0 will set the timeout=Never

AC settings are used when the system is on AC power. 
DC settings on battery power.

Source powercfg

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