if i use NOW or TODAY in a cell, it updates every time you press F9. What I want is a function that returns today's date but that is not dynamic, meaning that it freezes the date as of today. i cant have it update the date everytime i open the workbook.


  • i created a macro to do it but would prefer it to be a function. is that possible? – DanM Dec 17 '15 at 16:23

Rather than entering =TODAY() in a cell, click on the cell and use this keyboard shortcut:

Ctrl + ;

From Microsoft's Excel shortcut and function keys:

CTRL+;           Enters the current date.

The only way to do that would be to just type in the date so today would be (for me) 12/18 and now would be 18/12/15 3:23, I would set the format correctly so that it displayed properly.

I researched this same problem but with =Rand(), I wanted to generate a quiz but every time the user entered an answer, the values refreshed and they automatically got it wrong.

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