Is there a driver for a hub/switch? So that I can control the flow of data from the other computer that currently uses bandwidth, so that I could get higher bandwidth.


You'd need a router of some sort to do the bandwidth management you're talking about.

If you already have a DSL/Cable router, you might be able to use Tomato or DD-WRT to get the function you seek. But that's not for the faint of heart and may wind up destroying your router.

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    Or a managed switch should also work. – Bobby Jan 28 '10 at 9:27
  • Any Linux system with two NICs junctioned to a virtual bridge interface, with appropriate tc QoS policies applied to the virtual bridge interface, would also work. Tomato or DD-WRT is this. Defintely not for the faint of heart but you will learn a lot. It won't destroy your router - you can always reset it to restore configuration. – LawrenceC Jun 20 '12 at 13:43

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