I plugged my headphones into my computer, and after I unplugged them, my laptop speakers are no longer working. I tried to plug the headphones back in thinking that maybe the switch in the headphone jack was stuck, but the headphones weren't working either then.

When I play audio (youtube, pandora, etc), and the playback tab under sound shows that there is audio going through to the communication headphones even though speakers/headphones is set to default.

When I try to play a test sound, it said "failed to play test tone"


The Sound Control Panel application has settings for both Default Device and Default Communications Device. Try setting the Speakers to both by right-clicking the icon. After selecting it, that context-menu item is no longer shown for that device.

You might need to set another device as defaults , e.g. Headphones, and then revert to Speakers, to force the settings to be retained.

Your thought about the headphone-jack switch being faulty is reasonable, though.

Windows Sound CPL

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