My harddrive is partitioned as follows. I used GParted to gather this info.

/dev/sda1 ---- ext4 ---- Ubuntu

/dev/sda2 ---- extended

---> /dev/sda5 ---- ext4 ---- Kali

---> /dev/sda6 ---- linux-swap

I am assuming that both sda5 and sda6 are both a part of sda2 and it appears to me that the linux-swap is only available to Kali and not Ubuntu. Am I correct in assuming this?

If so, should I create an additional linux-swap for ubuntu under sda1?

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No, you don't need separate swap partitions.

You should be able to modify your /etc/fstab file in the Ubuntu system to point to the same location as the swap file in the Kali system. Then both linuxes will use the same partition.

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