Iam using kali using persistence usb.

  1. Everytime I open my system using kali persistence , it doesn't ask for password for the first time (i.e gives access to the root user without any authentication), but it does asks for password when i lock the screen.

  2. I have to change root password every single session I use kali. i.e. it always sets its password to default one (toor) for next session. So, next time when i use kali, my password is not what I chose, instead , its "toor" again.

Above things continues. Please help.

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  1. Edit /etc/gdm3/daemon.conf with your editor of choice and comment (disable) following lines:

    AutomaticLoginEnable = true
    AutomaticLogin = root
    TimedLoginEnable = true
    TimedLogin = root
    TimedLoginDelay = 5
  2. Run passwd and change root password, then run cat /etc/shadow | grep root | awk -F ':' '{print $2}' and the new hash will be shown, after that edit /lib/live/config/0031-root-password and swap the old hash (for toor password) with the one you obtained with last command.

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