I have a new installed Windows 10 laptop with a strange network behaviour. (Preamble: the manual wifi switch is on. The driver is correct (MS driver). The wifi device "allow to turn-off" is disabled)

When I use the cable ethernet connection I can't switch on the WiFi access (card is online and enabled in device manager but not connected and there's no way to enable it from wifi settings).

If I un-plug the cable, after 30 secs, the wifi is being auto switched ON and ready to connect (and 100% works if configured), but if I re-plug the cable in the Wifi returns OFF after few secs.

If I disable the cable card from device manager (with the cable in) again the WiFi refuses to go online.

Is there a way to configure a different auto-switching method? Is there a way to use both cards at the same time (as in windows 7 or 8)?

Thank you Lox


What model do you have and does it have factory software installed? Dell has a feature on their laptops that will auto-disconnect when Ethernet is plugged in.

  • In fact is a Dell. BIOS? Thank you for your hint – LoxLox Jan 1 '16 at 17:18
  • @LoxLox It is possible. I know that some Models have that option on bios where others it is done through their software. – Tim Jan 1 '16 at 21:42

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