I need to block entire traffic to and from an Local IP on an WiFi Network, I am using DD WRT Based router, So I Can use iptables. I know the IP Of an Client on the Local Network, Some thing like 192.168.1.X, Now I need to filter And Drop all the Traffic Originating From and Directed away from that IP, So that He won't be able to use The Network. How can I do this, Using iptables, If possible ?

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    It's very easy for a client to change its IP or even MAC address. If you're dealing with malicious attackers on your network, you need to look into Network Access Protection. – Ben N Dec 30 '15 at 15:41

If you're knowing the client's ip then you can use this:

iptables -I INPUT -s **client_ip** -j DROP
iptables -I OUTPUT -d **client_ip** -j DROP

you can further refer here

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