I have set my default browser to "firefox". However, I have one application that insists on opening Opera instead of the default browser no matter what I do.

I have contacted the vendor concerning the application and they say that the application opens the standard default browser and that they are doing the standard thing.

I have checked my browser settings and they do confirm that the default browser is firefox.

Is there some other registry setting that is causing this application to open a different browser other than my default?

I am running Windows 7 patched to current.

  • It the WinAntiRamsom program from winpatrol.com.....However, I have seen this particular situation happen in a couple of other applications but I cannot recall now. – mdpc Dec 31 '15 at 3:12

Most likely, your app vendor is using some old/obsolete way to detect the default browser (such as checking HKLM before HKCU), which returns the wrong result in Windows 7.

Detecting the standard default browser is not as straightforward as it may sound, and the ways to do it correctly have changed over time between different versions of Windows. Lookup How Does Your Browser Know that It’s Not The Default? for more details than is room to copy here.

While the linked article gives a list of registry keys to look at, the article itself dates back to Windows Vista so it's rather outdated nowadays. The ultimate recourse would be to run Process Monitor and look for registry reads from the app in question just before Opera is launched.

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