I'm trying to build something that apparently depends on termcap (it keeps saying cannot find - ltermcap).

I ran Cygwin's setup-x86_64.exe, hoping to install termcap from there; however, I did not find it in the package list, nor on the package list at the Cygwin website, so it seems like it isn't in Cygwin. I can't accept that it isn't, because googling hints otherwise.

I could get termcap from http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/termcap.htm, but I don't know if that is compatible with Cygwin, and it seems much cleaner to use Cygwin.

Excuse me if I sound like I don't know what I'm talking about because I probably don't.


I ran Cygwin's setup-x86_64.exe, hoping to install termcap

However, I did not find it in the package list

Note: From http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/termcap.htm:

However, use of termcap is discouraged. Termcap is being phased out in favor of the terminfo-based ncurses library, which contains an emulation of the termcap library routines in addition to an excellent curses implementation.

So, on Cygwin you should build using ncurses instead.

  • You may need to tweak the makefile for the program you are trying to build in order to do this (so that it links with the correct libraries for the ncurses emulation of termcap)

  • The Cygwin ncurses package includes:

    usr/include/ncurses/termcap.h -> ../termcap.h

    Which provides an interface to the ncurses emulation of termcap

You can always find out what packages contain particular cygwin commands using Search Packages:

enter image description here

I would suggest installing:


Cygwin uses ncurses, which provides a termcap interface. It has done this for some time (see notes from 2001). ncurses provides interfaces for termcap, terminfo and of course curses.

On some systems, the ncurses package may provide a symbolic link to help applications that expect the library providing the termcap interface to be named "termcap", e.g.,.

libtermcap.a -> libncurses.a

but (see runtime and development lists), Cygwin does not do this. Nor (as you note) does it provide a separate termcap library (see search results).

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