We all know about the famous bush hid the facts bug of Microsoft.

By searching on the internet, I found out that any word sequence of sizes 4-3-3-5 separated by spaces, saved as .txt file and opened by Notepad, would create the bug.


  • aaaa aaa aaa aaaa
  • part two and three
  • girl are you crazy
  • jatd lue ywq mas


But, when I try to write my name, ie, Priydarshi Singh in the form of priy dar shi singh, and save it as a .txt file, it comes out as it is.

Why is this happening?


According to this Wikipedia article, the bug was fixed from Vista onwards.

The bug appeared for the first time in Windows NT 3.5, released 1994, but was not discovered until early 2004.[3] Older versions of Notepad such as those that came with Windows 95, 98, ME, and NT 3.1 do not include Unicode support, so the bug does not occur there.

The bug exists in all successive versions of Windows until and including Windows XP, but was not present in Windows Vista and afterwards.

From the same article:

While "Bush hid the facts" is the sentence most commonly presented on the Internet to induce the error, the bug can be triggered by many sentences with characters and spaces in a particular order so that the bytes match the UTF-16LE encoding of valid (if nonsensical) Chinese Unicode characters. Other popular strings are "this app can break", "acre vai pra globo" (Portuguese for "Acre goes to Rede Globo"), and "aaaa aaa aaa aaaaa".1 The bug is triggered even by the text "a ".

The bug occurs when the string is passed to the Win32 charset detection function IsTextUnicode with no other characters. IsTextUnicode sees what it thinks is valid UTF-16LE Chinese and returns true, and the application then incorrectly interprets the text as UTF-16LE.[2]

So not all combinations of 4-3-3-5 will trigger the bug.

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    Is there any way to know which sequence will trigger the bug and which won't? – dryairship Jan 1 '16 at 13:02

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