I need to access a few files which are part of a linux distro iso that I've downloaded. I can't install the distro so I was wanting to mount it if that's possible under Mac OS X.

I found a guide that suggested just double clicking the iso but I get the error "No mountable file systems"

Any suggestions?


I was having some trouble with this whilst trying to install Arch Linux via PXE. I found a working answer here, which can be summed up as follows:

❯ mkdir arch-mount

❯ hdiutil attach -nomount archlinux-2017.05.01-x86_64.iso
/dev/disk2              FDisk_partition_scheme          
/dev/disk2s2            0xEF

❯ mount -t cd9660 /dev/disk2 arch-mount

So it appears the issue is with the way the iso was created.

Here is an answer from the Ask Ubuntu site.


Since 11.10, Ubuntu ISOs have been "hybrid", meaning that the ISO can also be written bit-for-bit to a USB device to make it a working Live-USB, without having to use StartUp Disk Creator, UNetBootin, etc.

Note that this "hybrid" is different from the OS X/Disk Utility definition of "hybrid", which simply refers to an ISO readable on both Mac (HFS+) and Windows (ISO9660).

Ubuntu's hybrid functionality is provided by the isohybrid script in the SysLinux bootloader. It works by encapsulating the standard ISO9660 CD filesystem within a partition, so that it will work unmodified if written to a USB/hard disk.

So I wasn't able to mount the iso in the way I was wanting however I did find a file extraction tool called Keka that allowed me to extract the distro iso and then browse the filesystem. Which was the next best thing.

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