I frequently use KaGaPa phonetics layout input method in Linux. But I unable to use it in Windows operating system. How can I use KaGaPa in Windows same like as Linux.

Here I can't find KaGaPa Phonetics Keyboard Layout.

enter image description here
Also I try to find it from Input_Language_List but KaGaPa also not Present there.
enter image description here


How can I use KaGaPa in Windows same like as Linux.

There is an open source project providing many Indic scripts to be used on Windows, including KaGaPa.

An open source project providing an input method which will allow the usage of Indic scripts on both Windows and Linux, using Java and Unicode.

KaGaPa, Tamil99, Inscript, Remington are some of the popular keyboard layouts supported along with QWERTY phonetic input. (like Baraha, Mylai etc.)

New keyboard layouts can be added by using an easy interface.

Source A Multilingual Unicode Input Method for Windows and Linux

  • ok I try it first. – Madhav Nikam Jan 2 '16 at 13:09
  • but one problem also there is no KaGaPa layout for Marathi and Hindi – Madhav Nikam Jan 15 '16 at 18:07

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